Profile: International Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association (IEEPA)
Beijing, China
International Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association (IEEPA)

International Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association (IEEPA)

Working on sustainable development of China and mankind
Research and Construction of Domestic and Foreign Policy Issues

International Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association (IPA Group) assembles expert resources, researchers, industry enterprises from both within and outside of China with Central Government agencies, academic and policy research institutes, international agencies and industry associations to cooperate with. Together this group carries out industry domestic and foreign policy analysis and research, China regional sustainable development projects, new industry based strategies, urban planning, energy management and other related research projects which is submitted to the Chinese Government Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development and other relevant government departments.

System Solutions Program for Urban Development

Background: Currently cities around China under the guidance and demand of the central government are promoting the development of a circular economy, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and the establishment of environmentally conscious society. To ensure the implementation of energy saving goals, the government needs to promote the transformation of economic growth, speed up industrial restructuring, focus on economic development projects in the environmental and energy sector, and prioritize the energy and environmental industry as a whole.

Regional and urban areas made a clear step towards green development measures. This included a new innovative market model, accelerating the application of energy saving technology and equipment, promoting energy conservation management models, introduction of more think tanks, and the improvement of the industrial development support system.

Overview: In order to achieve these actions, urban development needs to establish an effective green development model, create a circular economy system, achieve support from cities resources and enterprises know how, build an innovative project cooperation model, establish energy conservation and emission reduction comprehensive solution methods, and target implementation procedures and promotion.

In order to do this, IEEPA’s (IPA Group) Urban Development Solution Method Group and IPA Technology Application Center have become cooperation partners. This includes integration of resources, experts, cooperation cities, and design over the past three years. This will be used to achieve low carbon urban development and circular economy development, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new energy industry project promotion. This will be all aimed for ten different cites and regions circular economy and energy conservation and emissions reduction field.

Activities in these areas include implementation of targeted solutions, carry out expert diagnosis, technology application, project collaboration, demonstration promotion, co-development initiatives, and promotion of members of the urban green development model to explore effective mechanisms and commercial cooperation to achieve a win-win situation.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Promotional System

IEEPA’s (IPA Group) priority within the industry is to promote enterprise projects with demonstration and growth potential. These projects will be commissioned by institutions and experts associated with accreditation for demonstration purposes. Additionally these projects will focus on comprehensive utilization of resources, energy efficiency and management, innovative use of energy saving and environmental protection systems, green transportation and building energy efficiency work etc.

Constructing of a Green and Ecological Society

Green World was created for the purposes of launching a campaign for the construction of a green and ecological society. The program looks to work with media and enterprises for the promotion of green awareness and cooperation. It was established by IEEPA (IPA Group) and other media and associations from around China. It was also supported by the UNEP. Its formal lunch was April 22, 2009 which was Earth Day.

Small Grant Program

From funding a single energy saving environmental protection and social welfare program to progressively extending a long-term improvement action plan, we are committed to funding and promoting the common independent non-governmental forces which play a role in impacting society.

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